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Cleaning And Maintaining Commercial Refrigeration

Regular cleaning and maintenance will extend the life of your commercial refrigerator and save money on energy consumption. While you can perform the basic maintenance yourself, you will need professional help for a thorough cleaning and inspection throughout the year.

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refrigeration case cleaning

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Clean the Condenser coil

Walk-in coolers, freezers, ice machines, and beer systems all need to expel heat. Most cooling systems do this via an air-cooled condenser coil. Condenser coil usually attract a lot of dust and dirt, which should ideally be cleaned at least once a month. Failure to clean condenser coil properly can cause serious component problems.

To make sure you keep the condenser coil clean, wipe them thoroughly and clean them often. Ask a professional to do a thorough dry cleaning several times a year.

Clean the entire condenser with an air compressor. Keep in mind that the longer you wait to clean it, the dirtier the coils will get. Your refrigerator may not be able to handle the higher temperatures and this could leave you looking for expensive emergency repairs.

Failure to maintain the correct temperature can create food safety problems. Because the consequences are expensive, it is better to clean the condenser frequently.

The Best Way To Clean Refrigerator Coils

Cleaning refrigerator coils conserves energy by enabling the appliance to operate more easily. This may eliminate the possibility of your refrigerator getting very loud and noisy as time passes. 

For the identical reason maintaining your coils clean retains the system running smoothly, also, it conserves energy and helps prevent the need for a specialist appliance repair, as dust and dirt build-up is your primary cause of breakage.

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commercial refrigeration cleaning

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When there are some ways to get this done, here are some ideal methods to clean refrigerator coils within a simple, step-by-step procedure.

First, unplug the fridge. Then clear anything blocking the airflow around the surface of the fridge.

If the condenser coils are under the refrigerator, vacuum them at least twice a year to remove dust and dirt. If you do not have a brush or vacuum which may reach the spots that you want to wash or even the filth is greater than simply collected contaminants, then you may even use warm water and dish soap to get rid of any stickiness.

Be cautious once you proceed and once you wash it. You do not wish to cause any additional issues. However, you can also consider refrigeration cleaning services.

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