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Short Guide on Rental Compliance Checklist

There are so many legislation that landlords need to be aware of, so we have put together a Landlord Compliance Checklist.  Meeting your obligations under tenancy law aids you to avoid any types of problems later on.

The rental compliance checklist helps the entire landlord to manage the things accordingly; it includes how you measure up to minimum requirements of tenancy laws. Using the compliance checklist is a step that you can take towards ensuring that you are meeting your obligations. You can know in detail regarding the rental compliance via https://www.harmari.com/harmaristr/ online. Harmari Short Term Rental Compliance Service includes full fledged custom solutions to municipalities worldwide. 

The rental compliance checklist includes sections on:

  • It helps in keeping your accurate records.
  • Keep the contents of your tenancy agreements
  • Includes maintenance and the condition of the property
  • Timely Rent Collection

There are simple rules to follow this:

  • The first step is to create a full property list
  • In the second step, create a list of tenancies to assess
  • In the last step, complete an assessment for each tenancy.

Rental Compliance also includes 5 different types of inspection:

  • Pre-Leasing Inspection
  • Move-In Inspection
  • Periodic Inspection
  • Move-Out Inspection
  • Section 8 Inspection

So, if you are a landlord of a house, this is really beneficial for you and these checklists plays a very important role for you.