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Everything You Need To Know About Residual Gas Analysis For Leak Detection In Sealed Devices

Quality or failure analysis is a very critical step that needs to be performed on products before they are finally launched in the market. Here products are checked under various parameters and test conditions such that it turns out perfect for use.

This includes, among other things, checking the sealed device for any traces of gas that may have penetrated during production. This is a very critical step, as these gases, especially the moisture content in them, can cause serious problems in the operation of the device. There are multiple packaging testing methods available in the marketplace.

This can cause corrosion, fogging, leakage, power bit errors, and other lubrication problems. A special analytical technique known as residual gas or RGA analysis can be used to trace these trace elements.

This technique is useful for process development, quality control, fumigation research on sealed materials, and product qualification.

Devices for detecting trace gases are referred to as residual gas analyzers. This tool generates a beam of ions from a gas sample for analysis. The resulting mixture of ions is divided into separate species based on the ratio of their charge to their specific mass.

To determine this ratio, a typical RGA consists of three main parts, namely an ionizer, a mass analyzer, and an ion detector. The gas molecules to be examined are converted into ions by an ionizer.

Ionic differences were determined in terms of their masses using the mass analyzer section of the RGA. The output of this gas analyzer shows the relative intensity of the different species present in the gas. This output is also known as a mass scan or mass spectrum.