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Tourist Attractions And Travel Information In Japan

Hiroshima is one such fascinating destination. This city was decimated by the first nuclear bombing attack in World War II and has almost risen from the ashes. The Hiroshima Peace Memorial, which is the most prominent war memorial in Hiroshima and symbolizes the destruction caused by the atom bomb.

Okinawa is a place that includes so many beautiful and untouched islands. Okinawa is famous for its beauty and adventure activities. If you also planning to visit Okinawa then you can go to this website and choose the destination that you want to visit during your trip to Japan.


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Hokkaido Island in Japan is a natural paradise. Most of the island's areas are protected as national parks. Hokkaido is home to the Japanese indigenous Ainu tribe. It boasts incredible volcanoes, 'bottomless crater lakes', hot springs, and many mountain and ski resorts. The largest national park in Japan, Diasetsuzan National Park, is located in central Hokkaido.

Mount Fuji is another popular tourist spot in Japan. It is Japan's highest mountain peak and has a perfectly symmetrical volcano cone. You can hike on either side of the mountain. Mount Fuji is considered a dormant volcano.

Osaka is not only Japan's commercial capital, but it is also known for its excellent Japanese cuisine, Osaka Castle, historical Osaka Castle, performing arts like Kabuki or Bunraku, and an impressive aquarium. Osaka Aquarium and Universal Studios Japan are both found in this city.