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Essential Tips For Preventing HVAC Repairs In The Future!

1. Keep your system clean. Dirty equipment can cause problems and require more frequent repairs. Regularly clean your filters, coils, and other components. You can learn more here about offsite HVAC services

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2. Check your ductwork for leaks and damage. A damaged or leaky duct can cause repeated problems and may even necessitate a replacement of the entire system. 

3. Inspect your HVAC unit for wear and tear. Signs of wear and tear may include cracked or broken parts, rust, or corrosion on hardware, and improper installation or use of ducts, filters, or insulation.

4. Check for leaks by following the manufacturer's directions, which may include checking individual drain pan hoses as well as locating water stains in ceiling tiles or around door frames. If you find leaks, replace defective parts immediately, close off all openings in the ductwork that could allow air to escape into the house or reach an outside source of water, and repair any holes in the sheet metal ductwork. 

5. Clean air filters by washing them with a mild soap or detergent solution. Washing carbon or foam air filters is not recommended because it may damage these types of filters. 

6. Call a professional to switch from a high-efficiency furnace to an adjustable-speed gas furnace or to install a new unit if you have one that is leaking. A professional will be able to evaluate your system and make recommendations on the most efficient way to go with your heating and cooling system.

Tips for All Replacement Projects Most replacement projects can be completed by homeowners since they are relatively inexpensive compared with other home improvement expenses, such as painting and installing new carpeting.