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What Are The Things That You Should Look For When Buying Boxing Pads?

First, narrow down what you’ll be practicing. Is it strictly boxing? If so, go for a boxing pad or focus mitt that covers the hands. If you’ll be practicing Muay Thai, you’ll want some Muay Thai kick pads to protect yourself from kicks.

Here are some key features to consider when purchasing boxing pads or focus mitts:


Leather will last longer than vinyl with proper care. It’s less prone to chipping and cracking if it’s properly taken care of. Leather is also more resistant to stains, but vinyl and polyurethane are both easy to clean. You can also get the best Everlast boxing and training equipment (Which is also called ‘ quipement de boxe et d’entranement Everlast ’ in French) for the best boxing training.


Consider the weight and size of the pads if you’ll be transporting them regularly. Some boxing pads are too large to comfortably lug around to your studio or gym.

Lightweight pads also help the wearer increase their speed and movement.


The price of boxing pads varies depending on the brand and materials used. Some individuals may consider paying more for boxing pads made of sturdy material like leather, since they may last longer than their cheaper vinyl counterparts.


Some pads include premium padding and foam, which make them more comfortable for the wearer and the puncher. Here are some examples of other comfort features that you might want to consider:

  • Mesh fabric helps increase airflow and decrease sweating

  • Finger channels so that the pad fits comfortably and helps the wearer retain control

  • Curved designs help the wearer easily block punches and elbow strikes

  • Non-slip surfaces help the wearer retain control of the pad