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How Are Some Cannabis Buds Purple?

Most marijuana strains are green, but why are some purple? Cannabis buds can change their color naturally depending on the conditions they are grown in. This happens spontaneously when marijuana is grown outside in cold temperatures.

A pigment called anthocyanin is responsible for this color change. When chlorophyll, a pigment responsible for the green color of the plant, breaks down in cold temperatures, anthocyanin takes over. If you are looking for cannabis, then you can find top cannabis deals on various online sites. 

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Anthocyanin is already present throughout the plant but since chlorophyll is stronger, the plant is green. It’s only when chlorophyll dies that we see the effects of anthocyanin.

Now, the exact color of the plant depends on the pH level of anthocyanin and can be red, purple, or blue. Cannabis buds become purple when pH is neutral.

This natural phenomenon has sparked interest among users and growers of marijuana and people can now grow purple cannabis even in normal conditions. Different parts of the marijuana plant can become purple including buds, leaves, trichomes, and pistils. Sometimes, the leaves of the plant turn purple while the buds stay green and vice versa.

This often happens when the plant is exposed to freezing temperatures overnight. However, the leaves get trimmed off after harvest regardless of how beautiful the plant looks. Therefore, the goal is to grow marijuana with purple buds and green leaves.

Due to high levels of anthocyanin, purple marijuana buds are associated with some health benefits too. It is believed they have the ability to improve cardiovascular health and relieve pain. Besides, high levels of anthocyanin also mean that these buds have antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties.