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Reasons Why Courier Services Is Getting More Popular?

When it comes to courier services in Canada, very few customers actually have in-depth knowledge about them. It's not surprising that modernization and urbanization have led to different delivery services.

The rapid pace of life and the increase in diverse demands have resulted in the evolution of shipment size, delivery speed, and type. Here's everything you need to know about the best courier facility in Canada:

  • Express Delivery: The fastest and most reliable option! This facility allows you to receive your parcels within 24 to 48 hours anywhere in the world.
  • Same-day Delivery: This is only available if the shipment is located within a country or specific region. This delivery service is lightning fast and delivers items in as little as 12 hours.
  • Standard delivery: This is the most popular and economical courier service. It transports small, medium, and large shipments and comes with a specified delivery time. It may take 3-4 days, or even weeks depending on the nature and destination of your shipment.
  • Freight service: This delivery service does not operate on an individual basis but rather is used to book freight shipments. Based on the type, destination, and volume of delivery, the courier company may need to hire an FTL/LTL truck or a van specifically for this purpose.

When ordering standard delivery services, can you specify a time frame?

The time frame is usually determined based on a negotiation between the parties, and the logistics company. The rule of thumb is that the longer the delay, the more expensive it will be.

When it comes to the type and delivery options you have, keep in mind that not all packages can be shipped via standard service. A courier service will accept or refuse to pick up packages depending on their dimensions, weight, and nature.

You can transport everything and anything!

Absolutely not! The courier company policies must be followed. It is forbidden to transport bio-hazardous, toxic, or infectious substances.