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How to Select the Right Battery For Barcode Scanner For Your Business

Bar code scanners are used wherever precise product identification and tracking are required. These devices increase operational efficiency and reduce errors. 

However, choosing the right type of zebra zq520 printer batteries really depends on the type of application you are using. There are roughly four main types of scanners, pen or embroidery type, semi-automatic, fixed port, and reading.

Factors to Consider

Common factors that influence the choice of a barcode scanner are the scanning distance, connection to a computer, scanning speed and frequency, and required scan volume. 

To scan remotely (currently limited to 24 inches), you'll need a laser barcode scanner, as image-based scanners work with a maximum of 4-10 inches.

Smaller barcodes require manual handling to be read correctly. Larger codes, for example on cardboard boxes, can be read remotely. Therefore, these processes can be automated and integrated into production or assembly lines. 

If the environment in which the device is used in dusty or humid, or the product is stored in a freezer, scanning may become difficult.

Retail in industrial use barcode scanner

Retail stores will benefit from handheld or even wireless scanners. They are mounted on the handle and have a button to turn on the light. A pen or wand scanner is similar, except you have to move the scanner through the code. 

A large set of products to be scanned, the use of fixed scanners and reading portals. These automated scanners are intended for industrial use and can be combined with conveyor belts on production or assembly lines to process large quantities.