Pro Tips For Hiring The Professional Air Conditioner Service in Greensboro NC

When looking for a commercial HVAC company, review their experience and talk to your previous clients about the services they provide.

Think of an HVAC contractor giving you an assessment over the phone 

Just as two cars can't be the same, two ACs can't be the same either. There are several factors that a technician cannot resolve over the phone. This includes the condition of the ducts, the exact number of registers in each room, the type of insulation, the type of joinery, and many other factors. 

After taking all these things into account, a trained HVAC professional will perform the manual calculations for your air conditioner. So take a wise decision for your home air conditioning installation & repair in Greensboro NC from Berico.

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None of this can be done over the phone, because the contractor is inexperienced, or trying to win your business without wasting gas and time visiting. An experienced person will crawl on the ceiling, crawl, and walk around the entire house.

Make sure the contractor doesn't replace your old system with the same type of equipment as before

On average, air conditioners last ten to fifteen years. Are you buying the same brand you bought in the 1990s? A trained contractor will recommend you various options to modernize your home and increase efficiency of your home. 

If you don't have an authorized dealer in your area, ask your contractor to buy a new system instead of using your old inventory. It is very rare that the same system needs to be charged and not all AC modules are equal. Always choose the right size, not the model.