A Facebook Bot That Can Help Customer Service Representatives

A new Facebook Messenger Bot is coming soon and it is going to change the way we communicate with our friends across the internet. A messenger bot is basically a piece of application that uses artificial intelligence (UI) to chat with customers. What separates Messenger Bot from other Facebook applications is that it is able to understand language and actually converse back using that language. This means that, instead of just getting a simple message, the Bot can actually get multiple messages in one conversation.

So how will this technology help us? In short, it will improve customer service and it will also make interacting with our friends easier. Bots will also be able to perform tasks that normal humans cannot, like translating languages, checking to spell, and correcting grammar. Another use for Messenger Bot is connecting people who are far apart to share information. For example, you can ask the bot, "How are you?" and it will give you an answer in Spanish, Japanese, Korean, or any other foreign language you might want to know.

With all of these capabilities, a Messenger Bot will definitely increase customer service, because it will allow the user to interact with its database of contacts. The more you have in your contact list, the more you can do. In fact, this new Facebook application, the Messenger Bot, could very well replace the customer service representatives.

Some businesses might be concerned about the loss of customer service, but that need not be the case. Most businesses have a few basic functions they would like to automate, and Messenger Bot is one such function. With a business having a basic function to provide assistance, automated bots will not disrupt the business nearly as much as a live representative would.

When talking about chat Bots, businesses need to think about how chat Bots will work for them. A Messenger Bot is designed to link up with social media platforms and various websites so that when a customer wants to use a particular feature, the bot does the rest. It could either link with the social media site of the customer or integrate with Hootsuite. When the bot sends a message, it notifies the user's desktop, mobile device, or their news feed, whichever they are connected to at the time.

Now, let's say that you have a Messenger Bot that can identify a customer service representative. This bot has knowledge of Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, FourSquare, YouTube, and a few other popular sites. It knows how to navigate through the different pages. It knows how to click a link to share a post on Facebook. Once the person sends a message, the bot analyzes it, identifies it as spam, and clicks a link in the Hootsuite dashboard to share the message. It posts the message on its page and sends it to the customer service representative who has been assigned to that account.

The bot also knows how to click the "buy" or "use now" button on different social media websites. Once the customer service representative clicks that button, the bot sends a personalized welcome message and the customer service representative uses all of the social media tools that the bot has been trained to use. If it is Facebook, Hootsuite, YouTube, LinkedIn, or another such site, the bot does everything that can be done with those tools. If it is a different website, it asks the bot to access a special page and perform a search from there. In other words, the bot uses the knowledge of different websites to help customer service representatives without needing to have an actual human in the loop.

While these Chat Bots have been around for a long time, Facebook has recently begun testing out Messenger Bot features. Since Facebook is one of the largest websites in the world, it makes sense that they would want to provide a chat bot that is capable of doing all of the tasks that any website could. Right now, Facebook Messenger Bot is limited to helping customers enter their contact information, but the company is looking into adding more features like the user base of chatfuice grows.