Why Is The Car Paint Sealant Important In Edmonton?

In an automotive society, there is always a central ground. Whether you're buying a new car or looking for a paint protection product, our industry is equipped with a wide range of options to meet the growing needs of consumers or those on a budget.

Many car owners choose a coat of nanotech paint sealants as a more durable alternative to car wax and paint. But it also provides much better results than either of these products. There are several reasons why this product is fast becoming the market's best-selling paint protector.

paint sealant protection

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1. Offers a deeper color depth

Auto paint sealers usually produce a deeper or higher shine when applied to paint in good condition. So it not only protects but also enhances natural light.

2. Protect paint longer than wax

Car wax (usually natural carnauba wax) lasts about 6 weeks. Some synthetic waxes can last up to 3 months. Auto paint seals made of polymer technology and synthetic materials can last for six to ten months.

3. Provide stronger protection

Some heavy pollutants such as acid rain, insect splash, and bird droppings contain strong acids. These can penetrate the car's base wax and damage the transparent coating. The car paint coating is stronger, more durable, and protects the paint from these harmful contaminants.