What Qualities A Good Fishing Charter Has?

Fishing is one of the hobbies that never dies with ages, be it from our childhood or with our friends from college, and it always stays as a captivating memory for all of us. 

It's the captain that matters, not the boat:

People often get bedazzled with the look of a luxurious boat, but you should know that you still have fun catching fish even with a slower and smaller boat. 

The captains of Fishing Charter available at www.dreamboatscr.com/ in Costa Rica are famous for their warm and welcoming approach that makes the trip very memorable. A friendly and well-experienced captain will know how to sail the boat smoothly while a captain with a bad attitude can ruin your day.

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Ask about the techniques and tackles:

Before you book for services, always enquire about the tackle and techniques of the service provider. 

While some boat trolls, some cast light tackles and some follow a combination of that. Choose the one that uses your favorite kind of tactics or if you want something new you can also go for that.

Keep or Release:

Some services encourage catching the fish and keeping it while others prefer releasing the fish. The catch and keep services allow you to keep the fish as they are your property and even some of them kill and sell them all. So it's better to ask them before you face any disappointment at the scene.

Never book a captain at the dock:

Sometimes some captain just instantly books passengers at the dock; it doesn't necessarily mean they are bad ones. The only thing about not booking immediately is that you will get enough time to research the captain before you choose them.