What Are The Most Eco-Friendly Trophies In Singapore?

2022 is coming up and there is overwhelming attention to sustainability and eco-friendly. The environment is a factor that will affect your everyday choices, such as the food you consume and wear, and even the trophies you purchase in Singapore!

Which Singapore trophy and award materials are the most eco-friendly?

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Upcycled: If you're looking to cause as little damage as possible to the planet the most beautiful trophy you can get is one that has been recycled. These Singapore trophies can include:

Trophies that are made from recycled plastic

Redesigned, second-hand trophies

DIY trophies created from materials found in the trash

It's not easy to design a DIY upcycled trophy that looks elegant enough to be given away in a high-end award ceremony. Instead, make contact with a specialist in trophy design who can make your upcycled trophy visions come true.

Singapore Floating Trophies: Singapore floating trophies are trophies that are given out each year at annual awards ceremonies, then are required to be returned to the awards team and then handed out to the next yearly recipient.

They are eco-friendly since there is no requirement to purchase a brand an award or trophy every year. This can save your awards committee money as well as reduce the chance of trophies being dumped into the garbage by the recipients.