Varied Uses Of Recycled Plastic Material

Recycled plastic is sustainable, strong, flexible, and durable and therefore an ideal alternative to traditional materials when employed to create a variety of items. Recycling containers and plastic bottles have never been more essential and you can recycle plastic by making use of it again.

There are many easy and enjoyable ways to do your part to help the environment by using the plastic you already have instead of discarding it. If you enjoy gardening, you'll discover a variety of ways to use plastic recycling material. Plastic is very durable and sturdy against the elements, so you can put it for use as a seed marker in the soil. Or make use of a bottle that is sturdy to make small spades to use in the garden while planting seeds or taking care of weeds.

If you're looking for a great activity for children, take advantage of your plastic containers and pots to plant seeds. You can make a few holes at the bottom of the container, then fill it with soil and then plant the seeds you like (sunflower seeds are particularly beneficial). It also lets you teach your children about the world of nature while having fun.

Large plastic bottles make great bird feeders. Take the bottom off of the bottle until it's about a few inches high. Cut two holes in opposite places and poke a stick through and then fill the bottom with bird food. Create a couple of holes for attaching an extension cord, hang it on a tree or window, and you've got a neat small bird feeder.