Using Voice Overs for Social Media

There is a lot of audio production going on behind the scenes. Sound recordings are used in commercials, TV shows, and podcasts. Social media is no different when it comes to working with sound work. This article is about voice content broadcast on social media, with a focus on how sound affects people to interact with your brand.

Behind every social media platform lies a different length of voice. Consider this time frame when scripting your language. Use a count of 130 words for about 1-minute recording content while reading at a moderate pace. If you want to seek help from professionals for voice-over recordings, visit

The length of a voice-over can affect how people see and interact with your brand. If you have a long voice note, it will last longer on the user’s screen and they may lose interest. If you have a short sound, people may be more likely to listen to the whole thing.

Now that you know the recommended audio duration for social media, how does speech production come into play? How well does the voiceover blend into the background audio? If there is too much noise in the background, users may find it difficult to focus on the voice. When the frame blends well with the background audio, it’s easier for the user to hear and understand what is being said.

When it comes to polls, you want to make sure the content is engaging. You don’t want people to tune out after a few seconds. The voiceover should be something that grabs people’s attention and keeps them listening. It’s also important to balance the tone of your voice with that of your brand. Don’t forget to find an artist who captures the essence of your brand.