Using Ergonomic Chair In The Office

Ergonomic chairs are designed to support your natural posture and help reduce the strain on the lower back. 

You now have your ergonomic chair. You want to create a work environment that increases productivity, reduces stress, and is comfortable. You can also click on the following source/link to know more about the ergonomic office chairs :

Ergonomic Office Chairs in Singapore.

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This helps maintain blood flow in the hands and arms and decreases muscle strain and tension. Do not use a wrist rest as this puts pressure on the nerves running through your wrists. If your wrist is naturally resting on the pad in front of the keyboard your chair is positioned too high.

Adjust your chair so that it has a reclined position. The back of the chair should be between 95 to 115°. Leaning back slightly from an upright position provides comfort, reduces stress to the lower back, and relaxes your muscles. 

As you use your ergonomic chair keep your feet flat on the floor or footrest. Tucking your feet under the chair adds tension to the knees and ankle joints and decreases circulation.

Avoid leaning forward for a long period to look at your computer screen or to use your desk. The backrest of your chair helps relieve stress. Adjust your armrest so that you can comfortably rest your arms while you work to avoid creating pressure points.