Trends and Practicality for the Perfect Wallet

Though a need for both men and women, wallets have different purposes for both. While a women’s wallet is a perfect accessory that adds to her glamour quotient, for men a wallet normally means a mere utility item.

Wallets and men

One addition that doesn’t get the attention it deserves is the men’s wallet. As men concentrate more on practicality and comfort while hunting for a good wallet, the final purchase may suffer in the style department.

The men’s wallet has to fulfill the pre-requisites of space and easy accessibility for cash, credit cards, photographs, ID cards, business cards, but beside utility one can’t underestimate how a fashionable wallet can enhance your look, whether formal, casual or sporty.

Here are a few helpful hints if you are planning to replace your good old wallet:

The number game: It’s not at all womanly to possess more than one wallet. You can have as many wallets for different occasions or to go with different attires.

Leather is classic: Nothing beats the look or feel of a leather wallet. Whether brown, black, or tan, opt for sleek, fine quality, genuine leather. Brands like Kara, Polo, and Fastrack offer a great variety of leather wallets.

Casual-chic: Try a sporty casual wallet in nylon or microfiber for weekends or outings.

Bulky issues: To decrease the bulk in your wallet and save yourself from the embarrassment of one protruding from your back pocket, invest in a separate card holder from Vincent Chase for convenience and style.

Travel-friendly: If your job requires you to travel a lot, a Kara passport wallet with enough compartments and slots is a must-have.