Top Environmentally Friendly Straws Alternatives

Vinyl straws are under significant public scrutiny recently, due to the perceived link with the massive quantity of plastic and other refuse, floating about as enormous garbage spots in our major oceans.

Here we provide you with eco-friendly straws which are as great, or even better as plastic. There are several companies like Bluemarche  that are very popular for their quality environment friendly straws.

environmentally friendly straws

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Bamboo straws

Bamboo is an almost perfect substance for making eco friendly straws. Bamboo has many properties which are advantageous. Bamboo is a durable, waterproof material along with straws that may be used and reused many times.

Additionally, bamboo has antibacterial properties that are great and it does not get stained or discolored quite readily by food solutions.

Thus, a pair of bamboo straws is ideal to purchase and maintain home for the events when you want a straw.

Paper straws have rapidly arisen as an alternate material to satisfy with the requirement for eco-friendly, disposable straws. Paper has many benefits of vinyl because it is biodegradable.

Left to its own devices, a paper straw will break down in 6 weeks, in salt water. If correctly composted, paper straws break down in two weeks. Paper straws can't be recycled as paper, but because paper recyclers usually do not accept food residue.

Additionally, it's likely a little optimistic to think that they'll be composted on a huge scale. Probably, a great deal of paper straws will wind up in landfills.