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The Future of EPS Industry For Recycling Waste

The future of the EPS industry is bright because of its wide range of applications and excellent set of properties. Economical and convenient, best used for packaging and insulation. You can search for the reliable EPS recycling company in Sydney or Nicsons Building Products for the recycling services.


Due to its inert nature, polystyrene rarely causes chemical reactions. Since it is rarely favored by pests, it finds application mainly in the construction industry. Polystyrene is also used as a closed cell, so it absorbs little water and therefore does not mold or rot.

Strong, lightweight and durable EPS can be used in insulated roof and floor panel systems in buildings together with wall panel systems and insulated facade panels.


Polystyrene has shock-absorbing properties, making it ideal for transporting and storing fragile chemicals, wine, electronics and other pharmaceuticals. Its thermal insulation and moisture-resistant properties make it the perfect packaging for cooked foods, as well as perishable products such as fruits, vegetables and seafood.

Other uses

In the manufacture of polystyrene, sliders, model boards and surfboards are used. This is due to its positive strength-to-weight ratio. Its strength properties together with its shock absorbing property are used effectively in bicycle helmets and child seats.

Due to its impact resistance, EPS is ideal for storing packaged foods. This product also uses a garden nursery tray, which improves the ventilation of the soil tray.