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Vibration Power Plate For Weight Loss

A study conducted by Vissers and colleagues examined the effects of a vibration power plate on 61 overweight people. The subjects were mostly women and the study took six months. After six months, the volunteers were asked to continue with their diet and exercise routine. They were also measured with CT scans, which revealed a significant decrease in abdominal fat. The results of the study were encouraging. It is a viable alternative to weightlifting for reducing body fat.

The Power Plate works by vibrating the body in three directions twenty to fifty times per second. This increases the amount of G-forces on the body. According to the manufacturer, the exercise performed on a vibration power plate increases its effectiveness. The workout does not involve aerobic exercises, but is similar to weightlifting without the weights. The results of a study conducted in 2009 indicate that vibration plates are a safe and effective tool for weight loss. The study found that obese women who used the equipment for a month lost more than those who exercised in a traditional way.

The patented PrecisionWave(tm) Technology allows for controlled engagement of muscles. Its efficiency has been confirmed in dozens of clinical rehabilitation and wellness centers, as well as in sports performance centers. This means that the vibration power plate can help people lose weight and maintain a healthy lifestyle. With regular use, it can be a powerful tool for weight loss. You should talk with a doctor or fitness trainer before beginning a vibration power plate program.

The Power Plate uses a patented technology that activates the body's reflexive response to precision vibration. The device's motion targets the muscles and burns fat in a controlled manner. Hundreds of medical studies, sports performance centers, and wellness facilities have documented the effectiveness of the vibration power plate. It is a great option for weight loss, as it will provide the user with a full-body workout.

The vibrating power plate is a great way to lose weight. It can be used to burn excess fat and reduce cellulite. This piece of fitness equipment uses the patented PrecisionWave Technology to stimulate the body's reflexive response to precise vibration. The plate's effectiveness has been proven in dozens of clinical rehabilitation studies, wellness centers, and sports performance centers. Although it is not an ideal solution for every person, it can be a valuable tool for losing weight.

A recent systematic review showed that women who used the Power Plate for weight loss experienced an increase in their body's metabolism, while men reported decreased cellulite and increased muscle tone. Another study involving obese women also showed that the vibration power plate was effective for weight loss. It is not an aerobic exercise, but it has the potential to reduce cellulite and improve body confidence. And, with the help of a proper diet and regular cardio, it can help you lose weight. See https://fitnesshub.co.uk/exercise-machines/power-training-platforms/vibration-plates/ for further details.