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Major Concerns In Urban Planning In Gold Coast

It is unclear what the reason was for why the first city was created. Most of the cases were not planned and unnatural. Numerous cases demonstrate that cities were well planned and constructed according to predetermined specifications.

Many cities, including Gold Coast and Townsville, etc, are well-planned and considered safe and transportable. Top urban planning consulting agency maximize land and other resources to create a well-planned settlement that provides a positive economic and social environment. 

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Urban planning does not have to be done before a city is built. It can also be used to improve living conditions or remodel existing cities. These are the main concerns in urban planning.


Safety is the most important goal. It includes protection from all threats (floods, earthquakes, storms, etc.) and defense-related issues. This was especially important in ancient times when entire cities were enclosed within protective walls. 

Urban planning may also be an option to reduce crime rates, according to many theories. This must be complemented by environmental hazards such as pollution and industrial waste.

Transportation and Traffic

Many new cities have been facing major traffic and transportation problems in recent years. To manage traffic jams, urban planners need to plan the city so that high-density areas can be located near transportation means (buses and metro stations).

Planners should also consider the availability of essentials such as clean drinking water, electricity, and sewerage systems. Planners must consider future expansions and reconstructions, as well as the overall aesthetic value of a city.