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Benefits Of Nitric Oxide

There are many benefits of nitric oxide. Some benefits of taking nitric oxide supplements are:

Increased Blood Flow

This comes as no surprise, as we’ve mentioned it several times already in this article, but the most well-known benefit of increased nitric oxide production is greater blood flow. You can also buy the best endurance supplements via https://www.pressonutrition.com/collections/all to get the benefits of nitric oxide.

Greater blood flow means that more oxygen and nutrients (glucose, amino acids, etc.) are delivered to working skeletal muscles during exercise, which supports energy production and may help you train longer and with greater intensity before succumbing to fatigue.

Another benefit of increased blood flow during exercise is more efficient clearance of metabolic waste products. As our muscles contract, various waste products (hydrogen ions, ADP, etc.) are created and slowly build up the longer are muscles are under tension.

Greater Mitochondrial Density & Efficiency

Mitochondria, as you might remember, are the mini “nuclear power plants” that reside within every cell of our body and are responsible for the production of ATP — the “cellular currency” of energy production.

Beyond energy production, mitochondria also play a role in various cellular signaling processes including cell growth, differentiation, and apoptosis.


Angiogenesis is the growth of blood vessels from the existing vasculature. Earlier, we stated that one of the functions of nitric oxide is that of an intracellular signaling molecule.

When we exercise, endothelial cells lining our blood vessels release nitric oxide which causes vasodilation. This leads to an increase in blood flow and a decrease in blood pressure, both of which promote cardiovascular health.

But, nitric oxide also instructs our bodies to form new capillaries (mini-branches) within the existing vascular network, which further enhances blood flow, nutrient, and oxygen delivery to working muscles.