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All You Need To Know About Kundalini Awakening

Kundalini awakening refers to a state that you achieve when you begin changing your inner world. Your perception changes so do your feelings. Your perception of the world can change dramatically.

This is when you begin to understand the world and your inner guidance system begins to work effectively. You experience a kind of enlightenment that awakens dormant energy. You are more present, clear, and focused in your life. These are the kundalini awakening steps that will give you a brief idea about kundalini awakening.

1. The First Phase

This is when the mind and body go through a clearing-out phase. It can lead to physical ailments, emotional turmoil, traumas, or repetitive bad experiences.

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2. The Second Phase

This phase is less well-known because it involves more spiritual experiences that only a few people experience. This phase is when the Kundalini Shakti begins to transcend psychological and physical experiences.

3. The Third Phase

This is when you allow things to unfold as they are. Instead of trying to control, you let the Universe and the Divine energy take care of things.

Closing Thoughts

Kundalini awakening refers to a state of spiritual awakening. This phase is often difficult for individuals who are going through it. The dark phase will end eventually and an individual will be able to start a new chapter that will lead him to the greater good.