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The RAMP Ecosystem: Powered By A Suite Of DeFi Products

The RAMP ecosystem is powered by Defi products. The RAMP ecosystem operates on the back of a range of Defi products that act as "building blocks" to support the RAMP ecosystem as well as cross-chain value accumulation.

Each product serves an objective and serves as the focal point of interaction between blockchains and users. RAMP DEFI is a multi-chain Defi protocol that allows users to earn yields on their collateral asset deposits and extract liquidity to pursue new opportunities at the same time.

print as well as the stake (Creating the Non-ERC20 representation of Stablecoins)

print uses non-ERC20 electronic assets as collateral and then mints USD against this collateral using an unintentional liquidation buffer.

The collateral is then sent to take, an aggregator of stake nodes that are part of blockchains participating in non-ERC20 in order to earn rewards for staking.

EMint, farm, and (Creating the ERC20 representation of Stablecoins) ERC20 stablecoins are eMint's currency and mints USD. This is a representation of the value of deposits.

refinance is a loan and borrowing platform that allows holders of USD and USD to borrow and lend together. RUSD holders can take out eUSD loans and then withdraw liquid capital. 

EUSD holders are able to take out rUSD loans to increase their yield farming using RAMP tokens. Interest rate setting will be achieved by combining market-relativity, demand-and-supply, and market-re and the aid of oracles.

This is accomplished through trading ERC20 stablecoins along with the funds accumulated within rPool and the rate of conversion set by the price oracles.