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What Is A Retractable Roof?

Retractable roofs are very popular all over the world. Sports fans are well acquainted with it because the retractable roof often covers the sports stadium, so the event can continue even in very cold, hot, or rainy weather. This retractable roof not only allows you to play certain sports, but also provides space for spectators.

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Hence, the idea of an open able residential roof, and the design team worked with advanced engineers and design innovations to design, manufacture and certify this product.

Did you know that the retractable roof allows natural grass to grow even in extreme weather conditions? The first retractable roof of the stadium was built in 1961 in the United States.

Since then, innovations in materials and design have led to the development of many types of retractable roofs for use in restaurants, homes, swimming pools, stadiums, and buildings.

The sliding roof, also known as a working sliding / covering roof system, can retract the blinds and arrange them neatly, leaving about 75% free space. Bring back the roof blinds when you want to create a cozy haven and enjoy protection and protection from the weather. Blades of blinds can be rotated up to 135 degrees.

With a retractable roof, the dream of creating a backyard, outdoor space or maintenance can come true! Whether it's a quiet dinner while watching the stars or an outdoor seating area, the retractable roof gives you extra outdoor space with all the amenities you need.