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What Does An Orthodontist In Chevy Chase MD Do?

Orthodontists work with patients to correct malocclusions, tooth alignment, and other orthodontic problems.

If you are experiencing difficulty with your teeth, an orthodontist in Chevy Chase MD may be the right doctor for you. An orthodontist will use various techniques to help correct your dental alignment.

 Orthodontists can also help improve your appearance by correcting misaligned teeth and jaws.

If you are struggling with your teeth, then it may be time to consider braces. Braces can help correct alignment and bite problems, which can result in a more comfortable and confident smile. Here are some of the benefits of getting braces:

1. Improved Teeth Positioning: When teeth are properly aligned, it can result in a more comfortable smile. Braces help move teeth into their ideal positions, which can improve overall dental health.

2. Improved Jaw Alignment: When jaws are properly aligned, it can reduce the risk of headaches and other dental problems. In addition, good jaw alignment can also increase your confidence when speaking or eating.

3. Reduction In Toothache Pain: A properly aligned mouth is less likely to cause toothache pain. When teeth are correctly positioned, they don’t collide with each other as often, which reduces the amount of pressure and pain that is felt when chewing or brushing.

4. Appearance Changes Are Rare: The vast majority of people who receive braces will not see any visible changes for the first few years after treatment is complete. However, over time there will be improvements in both the appearance and function of their teeth.