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What Is Occupational Therapy?

Occupational therapy is about the person and their tasks, roles, and interactions that occur within the personal life. The practice of occupational therapy allows and encourages the person to be proficient and competent in their everyday life and improves the quality of life for them. 

The practice of occupational therapy is creative and therapeutically to accomplish goals that are meaningful for the person and reduce the impact of dysfunction. You can also find the best occupational therapist in Edmonton via a web search.

Occupational therapy: What it is, who it treats, and more

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Professional purpose:

The main purpose of occupational therapy is to help the patient to life satisfaction and a productive lifestyle by enhancing the abilities that allow him to perform in a way that is pleasing for himself as well as others. 

The six components listed below represent a consensus within the field of work:

1. Performance in the workplace Occupational psychotherapists focus on how people function at work, at leisure, and in personal self-care. 

2. The importance of staying active by being active, there is a belief that people gain knowledge about themselves, gain abilities and keep their physical and mental health

3. Activities for therapeutic use occupational therapy is based on the notion that activities that are purposeful can be therapeutic and used to enhance the functioning of an individual. 

4. Problem-solving procedure -the process of occupational therapy (assessment – treatment plan implementation of treatment evaluation) is in essence the process of solving problems.

5. Holistic vision occupational therapists seek to treat people as a whole, complex beings and pay attention to the social, cognitive, emotional as well as physical characteristics of the individual

6. Individuals who are unique Every person is recognized as being unique. The consequence of occupational therapy is every patient requires a personalized treatment plan with aims, goals, and objectives.