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Meditation The Path to Silence

Meditation has proven an effective cure for the over-stimulation, depression and fear in humanity at any given time throughout man's history. It is one of the major treatments of Ayurveda science, and even allopathic doctors understand the advantages of meditation and recommend their patients to meditate. 

Scientists have studied meditation at all angles, and it has proved to be beneficial physically, mentally, psychologically and physiologically. Daily practice of meditation on the human spirit can not be debunked. You can also try mindfulness exercises for anxiety via https://www.mindfuldoc.org/mental-health-stress.

Mindfulness for Anxiety & Stress: Rewire Your Brain for Peace

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For therapy, for stress relief, for awareness, for commitment, to encourage the practise of Pranayama or simply as a relaxing and restful break in the day there are many meditation forms and many purposes to meditate. The whole art of meditation is way too vast to discuss here but the list includes:

Mantra Therapy – dwelling on holy words and sounds 

Buddhist Meditation – As part of the Glorious Eightfold Path to Enlightenment

Meditation Vipassana – reflecting on truth and insight into the subconscious 

Devotional Meditation – Deity trance (God meditation)

Taoist Meditation – Meditation on the Tao Te Ching teachings 

Zen Meditation – dwelling on Zen Buddhism's teachings 

In reality, the purpose of asana practice is to settle the body and concentrate the mind in preparation for meditation. Meditation is an important part of yoga practice. You do not, however, have to be an expert yogi or Buddhist Master to successfully practice meditation.