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Technique For Meditating Properly

Meditation can bring many benefits. Our mind, body, and soul are related to each other. One will influence the other if there is a change in either. 

Meditation & Mindfulness in daily life can help you clear your mind from useless thoughts and clutter. As you go about your day, you'll feel more clear. You will also feel grounded and calmer in the world. Meditation can also help you be happier and more loving. 

About - Li-Anne Tang

You can reduce the negative emotions that you attach to pass events and the negative emotions that you attach to future possibilities. Sometimes, meditation even helps you get rid of them completely. Meditation helps you to let go of your thoughts and you can naturally detach yourself from stressful thoughts. 

It is important to find somewhere quiet and comfortable to rest your head. You can sit on the ground or you can also have a chair. You must straighten your back. It's easy to fall asleep if you lie down. You can do it if you want.

Breathe normally, breathe in and out. Pay attention to how you breathe. Pay attention to the air that is coming through your nose and into your lungs. Your mind will drift away from all the thoughts swirling inside your head by focusing on your breathing.

There will be many thoughts that come in and out. Let them be. Don't push them away. Don't try to interpret or make sense out of them. Allow them to emerge and then let them go. You are the observer. These thoughts are just your watch. These thoughts will fade slowly and eventually, you will be in a "no-mind" state, where you are free from all thoughts. This is blissful meditation.