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What Is A Tax Attorney

Many business owners recognize the importance of having a secretary and an accountant at hand, but few recognize the equally important need to hire an individual tax accountant. A tax attorney is an attorney with specialized skills or expertise in taxation laws. 

Tax lawyers often focus on a specific area including corporate tax, international tax, partnership tax, tax litigation, state and local tax, personal tax, and estate planning. You may also gather more details about the company from ("Contact Us") section on their website.

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There are basically two ways for tax attorneys to provide aid to you or your business:

Tax Planning – Tax attorneys are like financial managers in the sense that they manage your financial affairs to ensure that you will not encounter any tax difficulties in the future. Tax attorneys will guide you in every step and steer you to the right path when your finances are beginning to wave a red flag at the IRS.

Tax Controversy – Tax attorneys can also defend your rights when you're already embroiled in a tax controversy. If you're already having difficulties with your taxes, a tax attorney will help you out by straightening your affairs and clearing your name. 

A tax attorney will be able to reduce penalties, remove liens if possible, and negotiate whatever needs negotiating with the government. You can always opt to hire a tax attorney only and only when you are already experiencing tax difficulties and you feel helpless at the negotiation table with the IRS.