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The Many Benefits of Lipton Green Tea Extract

Scientific confirmation of the many health benefits of green tea extract is one of the greatest advances in nutrition in the twenty-first century. These antioxidants are the key to green tea extract's many benefits. They preserve DNA and stabilize cells' membranes. These properties make green tea a powerful support for many health conditions. 

Let's take a closer look at Lipton green chai supplements and their benefits. Studies have shown that green tea can lower LDL cholesterol levels and serum triglyceride. Research shows that Japanese middle-aged women and men who consume 2 to 3 cups of green tea per day have lower cholesterol levels than those who don't. 

Recent research also shows that green tea can lower cholesterol levels if it is consumed after eating fatty foods. If you have high cholesterol, you will find that your body converts less of it to a form that clogs the arteries. Lipton green tea can protect your joints from osteoarthritis.

This is one the most important, but least understood, benefits of green tea extract. Green tea reduces inflammation. Your joints will wear less if there is less inflammation. Lipton green tea can prevent the growth of cancer cells. Lipton green tea contains EGCG, which prevents cancer cells growing by binding to an enzyme. 

Lipton green tea contains chemicals that bind estrogen. Lipton green tea can help you lose weight. A clinical trial found that green tea provided enough caffeine to give high-fat men the equivalent of one cup of coffee. This amount of caffeine does not affect weight loss. However, green tea contains high amounts of caffeine.