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Selecting A Filter For Freshwater Aquariums

When setting up a freshwater aquarium, you should always include the supplied filter system; so before buying a tank, think about what type you are going to use in order to have a clear picture of what you are going to buy.

There are three types of processes: mechanical, chemical, and biological. Each tank must have a filtration system to ensure a healthy tank environment. You can also buy ecotech vortech mp60 for your aquarium.

Each type of system is discussed below:

Mechanical – Solid waste is removed from the water tank by mechanical filtration. Some porous materials such as sponges or foam will filter out particles such as fish waste, cut leaves, and uneaten food. Therefore, porous materials must be cleaned regularly so that the dirt does not rot or dissolve again in the water. A tank produces such waste all the time, which is why the mechanical filtration process is so important.

Chemical – This type of filtration system protects the tank by removing dissolved residues in the water. Water flows through the filter media like activated carbon. It then breaks down dissolved wastes such as toxic metals, harmful bacteria, ammonia, and odors.

Biological – Biological filtration tries to close the nitrogen cycle, which is very important for freshwater aquariums. All organic matter eventually breaks down into ammonia, which is harmful to fish.

With the help of good bacteria called nitrophils, ammonia is broken down into nitrites, which are then converted to nitrates through oxygenation.

It is ideal for combining biological filtration with mechanical processes. You can choose from many filters for your filter system. Be sure to check each one as some filters are placed in the tank and some are not.

Check which type matches the desired setting. When you set up a freshwater aquarium and a system that becomes effective, you will surely appreciate your efforts.