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Is Dryer Vent Cleaning Necessary?

Although cleaning the clothes and drying vents is a simple operation, it is one that not enough homes perform. Dryer vent cleaning is often done by the homeowner; however, depending on the placement of the ducts and the length of the dryer vents, professional help may be required.

Home Dryer Vent Cleaning regularly will help ensure that your clothes are being dried in a timely manner and you aren't wasting unnecessary energy.

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If your dryer is located near an exterior wall of your home the dryer vent system could be too short to allow you to reach all the ducts and clean them enough with a vacuum brush. 

There are some important steps to reduce the chance of fires :

  1. Cleaning the lint traps after each load of laundry.

  2. Make sure to clean the dryer's vent and the ductwork regularly (this involves disconnection of the dryer from the pipework).

  3. Make sure you check the vent on the outside of your house while the dryer is running to ensure the exhaust air is flowing out. If not it is, then the vent or vent system could be blocked. Clean the area behind the dryer where lint may accumulate.

  4. Replace hoses made of the accordion with corrugated or rigid semi-rigid metal ducts. Numerous manufacturers recommend corrugated or rigid semi-rigid ducting made of metal because they allow for more airflow.

  5. Be especially cautious when drying clothing that has been exposed to toxic chemicals such as cooking oils cleaning agents, or wood finishing staining and oil.