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Foundation Cracks Endanger Expensive Basement Renovations and Indoor Air Quality

Experienced contractors for initial waterproofing of basements know that about 90 percent of these cracks are shallow and pose no risk of moisture to penetrate the basement. But among other cracks is a homeowner's nightmare: a slowly growing crack that causes serious water damage or health problems.

The cracks can naturally develop in the greasy walls of new homes. It is expensive except homeowners looking to spend tens of thousands of dollars on repairs. In this case, the contractor may advise to fix foundation cracks by https://americanwi.com/settling-basements-foundations/, even if they are still not leaking. 

"If you see any large cracks, be sure to cover them with an injection of epoxy foam and polyurethane and stick with them. Once they start to leak, they will only get worse. If you see signs of moisture, contact them immediately." 

The bigger and more dangerous problem is the tiny cracks that can develop over time – once the foundation seal is out of warranty and expensive repairs have covered the entire wall. 

Another scenario is the more obvious outcome: floods that destroy furniture, expensive electronic components, and valuables. A building contractor can help homeowners avoid both of these dire outcomes by educating them about the ill effects of working too fast after moving to a new home. He can also discuss using a backup battery system for his crankcase system.