Men’s Tips for Wedding Attire

The summer is typically the height of the wedding season, but making sure you have the right kind of go-to wedding suit or tuxedo any time of year will save you some stress down the road.

In the extreme seasons like winter or summer, trying to accessorize yourself can be tricky, because you don't want to freeze or get heatstroke. Here are some tips for getting that perfect look, whether you're at a party or going to watch the party.

Wedding Suits Can be Sophisticated

One of the best trends for summer weddings is the mens suits in Ireland, a versatile look that's also very simple and sophisticated at the same time. What's great about a solid tailored suit is that it'll be an investment long after the wedding is over. One of the many upsides to buying a suit is that you can make it your own, whether it's a color and cut of a shirt, a little flash of color of the pocket, and, of course, a tie, as well as some smart gold or silver cuff links.

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Be Colorful with Your Look

The color scheme of your suit can make or break you, even down to some simple cufflinks. At a wedding, though, you might want to coordinate with the color scheme of the wedding. If you're going to be a guest, a tie that coordinates with the colors of the wedding works great. And of course, the color scheme will also dictate what color cuff links you should be wearing.

If you're at a wedding party and wearing a tuxedo, a colorful bow tie should match with the vest, and cummerbunds are definitely out these days.