A Better Scratch Repair Solution For Cars

There is nothing that can affect how you look at your car more than scratch marks on your car's paint. The good news is that scratch repair isn't that difficult. You can actually repair scratches that are not visible all the way to the deep scratches that cut through the surface and then down into the steel. 

Repairing scratches prior to rust beginning to develop is crucial and the majority of people can tackle car scratch repair even if they've no experience in bodywork. Remember that you'll need a polish (which is available in most auto parts stores) to repair anything greater than a minor scratch if you are looking for professional results. You can also visit https://panelstore.co.nz/products/2k-full-car-paint-respray-kit to get automotive paint kit online.


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Car Paint Scratch Repair Light Scratches

A small scratch can't be felt by running your finger over it and has not been cut into the paint on the car's surface. To treat scratches such as this you can apply an abrasive compound that is mild and made with a microfiber cloth. Apply the rubbing compound to the towel, and then rub it between the scratch. Rub the towel gently along the entire length of the scratch. 

This thorough motion will fill the scratch and break all sharp edges. Just a few minutes of this smooth, polishing motion will help light scratches disappear. It is then possible to apply car polish to the scratch to bring out the sparkle of the paint and make the scratches appear less noticeable. Apply the polish in a circular motion across the entire area. Voila! You've just done the tiniest repairs to your car's paint and made a profit by doing it yourself.