St. Basil Greek Orthodox Sunday School

     The director and teachers of the St. Basil Greek Orthodox Church Sunday School wish to extend a greeting of joy and love in our savior Jesus Christ and to welcome all students and their families to join us in studying about the love that God has for us all and how we can bring that love to everyone we meet in our daily lives.

     Every Sunday, we encourage our students to join together with their teachers and fellow classmates for worship in the left front pews in church. If your child feels frightened about leaving their parents' side, please feel free to join the front group as we teach the children about celebrating the liturgy.

     During Holy Communion, the children approach the chalice at the front of the line and then go to their appointed class areas. The pre-K and Kindergarten classes meet in the middle room upstairs in the church hall and are taught by Annette Wilson and Judy Seamon. The 1st and 2nd graders learn from Krista Lewandusky, Susan Phillips and Joanne Dalakos and meet in the room at the far end of the upstairs hallway. The 3rd and 4th graders are led by Lisa McCarthy and meet in the first room upstairs in the church hall. The older students meet downstairs in the basement of the church. The 5th through 7th graders learn with Harry Wilson. The 8th through 12th graders are under the guidance of George Dalakos. Please feel free to contact any of our teaching staff with any questions or concerns regarding either customs or curriculum.

     Welcome to St. Basil Greek Orthodox Church. Whether you are visiting or live here, we are glad to share God's gifts with you and your family.

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George Dalakos

Sunday School Coordinator
George Dalakos
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Krista Lewandusky
Lisa McCarthy
Susan Phillips
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